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Pine Acre Farms Therapy Center is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, "our goal is to enhance the lives of children and young adults with autism and other related developmental disabilities", through the power of animals. Animals offer all children the chance to connect to another living being, but for kids with disabilities, animals can also provide invaluable therapy. There are benefits that animals can provide that often times people can not. The playful nature of an animal seems to draw autistic children out of their "shells", and calms and soothes children. If a child screams at a horse, they quickly learn that the horse won't let him near them. The horses behavior can reinforce positive behavior in the child.

These activities are most often performed on the ground and include such things as grooming, feeding, haltering and leading the horse. Learning to groom a horse can aide disabled children in their comprehension of the importance of caring for other living beings (both animals and humans). Mastering something new is great for children with disabilities.

Some of the disabilities and disorders that can be improved with an animal assisted therapy include cerebral palsy, down syndrome, multiple sclerosis, spina bifida, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, attention deficit disorder and stroke.

Our Miniature horses and therapy dogs go into facilities like Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Centers, Hospice Care, Rehab Centers, Hospitals and also make visits In-Home for the home bound patient. Providing emotional and spiritual healing to everyone they encounter. Animal Assisted Therapy is being used much more frequently, and research has been done to prove it's benefits. As the word spreads, the request for visits have increased.

Once inside the door, the miniature horses instinctively know their job. Sometimes giving out kisses and nuzzles or they accept love pats from those they visit. They bring a smile to a nursing home resident simply by standing quietly and allowing the resident to tell stories of their horses they once had. If a patient is too sick to join the group we visit them in their room.

Although we offer our services, with little or no cost to participant, traveling expenses and maintaining the health and well being of the horses, is costly to provide. We operate solely on your donations to continue providing these valuable services to those that need it most. If you know of people and places the therapy animals can go visit someone in need, please call or email.

If you are interestd in being a sponsor, volunteer or for more information how to register for an upcoming session please call us at 970-461-1464. Our sponsorship program can enable you to direct your donations to a child or an animal.
All donations are tax-deductable.

Donations can be made directly to: Pine Acre Farms Therapy Center
c/o Adams Bank & Trust Berthoud, Colorado 80513
Please contact us for more information at
970-461-1464 or e-mail:


"Our goal is to enhance the lives of children and young adults
with autism and other related developmental disabilities".